Elders & Leadership Team

We believe that the consistent pattern of leadership for the church laid out in the New Testament is that of leadership by a team of qualified elders.  While the congregation does at key points play an important role in the decision making process in the New Testament, the responsibility of leading, directing, feeding and protecting falls largely to the elders.  In addition, we believe that the terms "pastor" and "elder" are synonymous and interchangeable in the New Testament.  Therefore, we do not make a differentiation in authority between our vocational elders (i.e. paid staff) and our lay elders.  However, we do refer to our vocational "Elders" as Pastors.

  • Darren is the Preaching Pastor of Rolling Hills Community Church.  Darren became a Christian after a successful background in business and sales. He was thirty when he received Christ and soon became an active member of Parkway Community Church in Fairfield, California. His pastor, Rev. Dan Deckard, began a reading group with twelve members of his congregation who were seeking a closer walk with the Lord and a deeper grounding in the faith. Darren joined this group and began to read omnivorously. They read classic texts by Augustine, Luther, Calvin, and Edwards (after whom the group was called the “Jonathan Edwards Society”). They also read well-known contemporary exponents of the evangelical faith: John Stott, Jim Packer, John Piper, Don Carson, and others.

    As Darren prayed and read more and more, he became convinced that God was leading him to begin formal seminary training. He explored part-time and extension options. But through external circumstances, including the sale of his company, it became clear to Darren that he should give himself full-time to the work of preparing for the ministry.  Darren began attending Beeson Divinity School (Samford Univ.) in Birmingham, AL and graduated in 2008 with his MDiv.

    After graduating from Beeson, Darren returned to California and Providence Community Church in Vacaville was launched on January 27, 2008, exactly thirteen years to the day that Darren received Christ. 

    Over the past couple of years God had been preparing Darren for a transition in life and ministry.  The transition began in the Fall of 2011 with his marriage to his wife, Elizabeth.  Darren & Elizabeth have two children, Zachary (13) and Bella (9).  This transition was put into overdrive in January of 2012 when Providence Community Church joined together with Rolling Hills Community Church to form a brand new chapter. 

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