About us

Our Mission:

We exist to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ known where it is not known and to build a community of believers who rest in the grace of God, free from guilt, living obediently and loving others, in a spirit of gratitude for God's grace and mercy.

The Church is not just a place that we attend on Sunday morning.  We are the body of Christ and believe that it's vital that we actively engage with the community of believers that God has brought us into fellowship with.  We believe that it's important  to love one another, to serve one another, to encourage one another and to carry one another's burdens, all while proclaiming God's redemption revealed in Jesus Christ to both believers and those searching for truth.   In short...Be The Church.

Service Time & Location

148 S. Orchard Ave., Vacaville CA 95688

9:30 a.m